D2FORGED Model Number 16 Forged Wheel

d2 forged types

d2 forged 16

Sizes Available: 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
Models: CV16, XL16, FMS16, MB16

Product Information
D2FORGED Wheels was formed to fulfill a void in the landscape of aftermarket custom wheels. Their sole mission is to transform any vehicle that their wheels adorn into an eye catching, dynamic masterpiece.

All D2FORGED wheels feature hubcentric build, TPMS compatibility, and require no hardware other than lugnuts to mount. There are no centering rings or spacers required. Upon request, wheels can be crafted to accept most OEM centercaps.

MB Series Features:

  • Monoblock Forged Construction
  • Concave Profile (1/2 Inch to 4.5 Inch)
  • Flat or Stepped Lip
  • Widths up to 13 inches
  • Custom Finishing Available
  • OEM TPS Acceptance
  • Large Caliper Clearance

D2 Forged wheels are highly customizable. Please contact our sales representatives to ensure proper fitment and options.

Wheels sold individually.