LOOKING FOR a retailer near you?

We have gone to great lenths to craft the finest wheels on the market, the retail channel that provides our product to the end user had to be up to the same standard. We reviewed over 30,000 locations across the US, only the cream of the crop, with the latest mounting & balancing machinery, and superb customer service were selected.

Within the Continental US, please contact us for a indivdual referral, to the authorized retailer nearest you.

PH: 800-913-3513

E: info@d2forged.com


International authorized distributors:

If you are located within the following regions, please contact these highly qualified distributors of D2FORGED Wheels, for a pricing quotation. If the region in which you reside is not lsted, contact us for a refferral.

China: Wheelink - 852 2976 0830 | info@wheelink.com.hk

South Africa: NX Gen - 011 023 9042 | sales@nxgen.co.za

Hong Kong: Welon Auto Group - (852) 2380-8229 | sales@welon-auto.com.hk

NETHERLANDS: Baan Velgen - +31 (0) 10 21 86 215 | info@baanvelgen.com


Interested in becoming a WHOLESALE Dealer?

Interested in becoming a wholesale dealer of D2FORGED Wheels?

Complete and fax the following documents to 800-913-3513:

(include images of showroom / installation facilities)